Diversified Landscape Company was the original mulch blowing company here in Southern California.  In 1997 Diversified Landscape purchased their first Express Blower Unit and revolutionized the placement of mulch on So Cal landscape jobs. Now with our fleet of Express Blowers we are ready to serve you.

Mulch blowing applies a much smoother, more even layer of mulch than manual placement. Using hoses we can access areas that would be very difficult to reach otherwise.  With our ability to remotely control the flow of the material we can customize the flow to alleviate damage to delicate plants or crank it up to cover large open areas with out slowing down production.

Mulch is not just an eye pleasing addition; it helps prevent erosion on slopes and helps our water conservation efforts maintaining soil moisture by reducing evaporation. It can inhibit the germination and growth of weeds, as long as the mulch is applied deep enough. Mulch also serves as an insulator for the root systems of plants keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We can apply a number of materials with our Express Blower trucks including; Green Waste Mulch, Playground Wood Chips (ASTM 1292 certified), Color Wood Chips, Fir Bark, Walk on Bark and Compost.

We have applied various materials at schools, playgrounds, sport facilities, Caltrans highway landscape projects, commercial complexes and even private homes.

Coverage Chart Per Cubic Yard

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