Irrigation is one of the most important aspects of any successful landscape construction project. DLC with over two decades of experience in the field can design and install an efficient system for your job. We have completed irrigation systems for schools, sports fields, parks, golf courses and miles of landscaping on our Southern California highways for Caltrans.

We are committed to being a green company, keeping water conservation in our sight. Be it using the latest drip system technology, the newest designs in sprinkler heads or reclaimed/recycled water systems DLC is always looking to conserve our precious resources.

Along with permanent irrigation systems DLC has extensive experience with temporary irrigation systems. We have utilized these systems in restoration projects where temporary irrigation of native plants is required for the initial establishment of the plant or germination of the seed. Once this is accomplisied the irrigation system is carefully removed.

We are also a certified Calsense controller installer and can install any brand or type of irrigation control system including Centrally Computer Controlled Systems.