Insurance / Surety Bond Work

Diversified Landscape Co. has stood behind and completed every job that we have started over the last 20 years. But, we know with some companies this is not always the case. Diversified Landscape Co. can help you there as well. We are willing and able to come in and complete any project that may have been left in a less than desirable condition by another contractor.

We have a long standing reputation with surety bonding companies for excellent work. So, it is natural that many of them come to us when there is an issue on a project. Diversified Landscape Co. can come in and complete the contract on a unfinished project for you. Just give us the OK and we’ll get things moving. We know that valuable time has been lost already. We will finish the job to the required specifications and in a timely fashion.

Also, if there is emergency work that needs immediate attention we can be there. If it is a need for stabilization of a hillside after a wildfire or slope protection from rain run off, our erosion control specialists are on call for you.

Diversified Landscape Company is ready and able to aid you with your insurance and construction bond work needs.