Our Hydroseeding Division here at Diversified Landscape Co. is licensed, bonded and insured. Diversified Landscape Co. offers experienced personnel, professional application and the ability to service you anywhere in the Central California and Southern California areas.

Whether it is post wild fire slope stabilization to control mud slides, native habitat restoration or helping to create a new athletic park we can accommodate your needs.  We can cap loose soil with co polymers to help with dust control, cover a hillside with a BFM wildflower seed mix or maybe with a drought tolerant native mix to help with water conservation. If you need help with the designing of these types of applications, rates or mixes, our hydroseeding specialist can design an appropriate solution for you. With our fleet of Finn Hydroseeders we have the flexibility to react to your construction schedule and finish on time.


A big concern here in Southern California is wild fires. Soil retention and stabilization of the post fire damaged areas by use of hydroseeding with BFM (bonded fiber matrix) or wood fiber, seed (for re-vegetation) and tackifier (co polymer, Plantago etc…) to hold it all together is key in helping to prevent mud slides, rain erosion or wind erosion that may occur. We are always ready to help you 24/7.