Erosion Control

When we think of Erosion Control we think about the prevention of soil erosion from an area with bare soil or reduced vegetation. Trapping of sediment before it enters the sewers, waterways and roadways is always a big concern. Especially in and around environmentally sensitive habitats such as our national forests or coastal wetlands. Also, maintaining the integrity of slopes and areas that support any type of structure is paramount on a job site.

Diversified Landscape Co. has proven methods to help in these situations. Wheter it is installing erosion blankets on slopes, hydroseeding or installation of wattles to control sediment flow, our professional qualified experienced crews can do it. Licensed, bonded and insured Diversified Landscape Co. offers solutions to all of your sediment and erosion control needs. Other services are sand/gravel bags, dust control, mulch blowing, bonded fiber matrix, jute netting, silt fence, rip rap and many other erosion control options are available.

We can also develop a SWPPP (stormwater pollution prevention plan) for your project. This will insure that you are in compliance with federal and state requirements.


A big concern here in Southern California is wild fires. Soil retention and stabilization of the post fire damaged areas by use of hydroseeding with BFM (bonded fiber matrix) or wood fiber, seed (for re-vegetation) and tackifier (co polymer, Plantago etc…) to hold it all together is key in helping to prevent mud slides, rain erosion or wind erosion that may occur. We are always ready to help you 24/7.