Santa Ana River- Phase 2B Green River Golf Course

Diversified Landscape Co. working with the prime contractor Harper Contracting and the Army Corp of Engineers are work on the pesticide application and landscaping portion of the “Santa Ana Reach 9 – Phase 2B” project. The project scope includes the kill and removal of 44 acres of turf and vegetation. Next, the Santa Ana River will be rerouted through the Green River Golf Course to allow the renovation of the river banks. After, the reconstruction and reinforcement of the river banks, adjacent to the Riverside County and Orange County golf courses. The river will be diverted back to its original path with the new modifications to channel. At that point Diversified Landscape Co. will finish its work by installing a new irrigation system and incorporating it into the existing system. Installation of sod, shrubs and trees on the project then will follow. Also, Diversified Landscape Co.’s Hydroseed Division will apply several different seed mixes in various locations equaling 45 to 50 acres.

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